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Rickey Long
As a hobbyist gunsmith, I wanted to try my hand at barrel threading. I had a Moisin Nagant that I w ...
May 7, 2019
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Deltac laser cut extended slide lock is the best part to replace the factory Glock slide lock in Gen ...
Feb 24, 2018
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Ordered items were exactly as expected - very fast processing and shipping.
Apr 9, 2017

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Factory Original Bayonet for Mosin Nagant M91/30 Fluted, + Free pin Removal Tool

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9130 Mosin Nagant Rifle Bayonet in good to very good condition.

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Vintage & certainly classic, WWII Era Mosin Nagant M91/30 Rifle Bayonet, still in very good overall condition, consisting of fluted, blued steel Bayonet of 20" Long with complete & functional, spring-loaded barrel lock. A Com-Bloc "surplus" item sold in the West over the last few decades, these well made, solid steel Bayonets twist-lock over the front sight of the surplus Mosin Nagant Model 91/30 Rifles (widely available still) & lock solidly into place with a "click" of the spring-loaded locking mechanism seen on back end of course.

Removal requires pressing in the lock to release it, and twisting it back off carefully over the front sight block. It's that simple, and your old Mosin Nagant battle rifle is not really complete without one of these.

Bayonet is "fluted" for almost it's full length, starting wide approx. 2" forward of the locking mechanism and narrowing as it runs upward to flat tip (screw-driver type blade) with four (4) distinct, parallel ridges in between. Gorgeous, deep blue color still, oil tempered,

Usual Com-Bloc machining marks from WWII era manufacture of course ... but that's about it! Good as it gets in a surplus Mosin Nagant M91 / 30 Rifle Bayonet these days ... and the price is "right" of course.

So if you need one of these classic, fluted "Spike" bayonets for your vintage 7.62 X 54R Mosin Nagant rifle, don't let it slip away. Missing one of these to complete your rifle?

Well look no further 'cause this beautifully fluted & blued, solid steel beauty is the real deal, still in very good overall condition, for the astute buyer or collector. Get it while you can

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Great item.

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Great item, good price and it fit and looked great.

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From Russia With Love

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Perfect bayonet! Mine didnt fit right, but hammering a strong metal spike into the hole opened it right up and made installation easy. Now, it pops on and off just like its supposed to. Also, you can store it on the gun by loosely fitting it backwards over the barrel, with the bayo pointed towards the stock of the gun.

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excellent condition. Arrives slathered in cosmoline

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Original part, no rust, excellent condition. Arrives slathered in cosmoline.

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A Standard Russian Reissue -- Good Quality and well preserved!

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Russian quality and preserved metal, coated in grease out of the box for longevity. Your new piece may and likely will require a simple sanding of the inner shank to properly fit/slide down the barrel. What you'd expect in this quality , shipping and happy to have gotten while they were still on the market for a decent price at thirty dollars. The one i have received is assuredly Russian made and captured to be re-serviced on another refurbished Mosin Nagant battle rifle. Take this information to your hindsight when thinking about making one of these purchases. For what they are, you wont miss a valuable opportunity to acquire years of equipment, It is sturdy and is a rather heavy duty material, up to a hundred pounds would bend it. Three different examples of the m/91-30 bayonet reissued to finnish forces and thus marked as army property. Marked twice-once on the shank, "A" and the corner of the box can be seen. Original serial number of the Russian rifle being ground off bayonet and the new Finnish replacement issue rifles serial number added. This bayonet is also [SA] marked on the body of the tube. The tops of the S and A are just visible under the push button locking assembly. A m/91-30 bayonet was probability only reissued to the rifle it was captured on, but many come without one in America, so many are picked up off the shelves. If yours is marked not once but twice right next to each other [SA] [SA] on the body of the bayonet , it may not be completely of Russian to America decent !!

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as advertised great delivery

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