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Beretta 92 FAQ

Published : 12/15/2016 21:21:06
Categories : Firearms

Beretta 92 FAQ

1) When was the Beretta 92 designed?
A: The 92-series pistol was originally designed in 1972.

2) What caliber was the 92 originally chambered for and have there been any other calibers introduced?
A: The 92 was originally chambered in 9mm Luger. The pistol has since been chambered in .40 S&W and 9x21mm, designated the models 96 and 98 respectively. The 98 is sold in Europe only.

3) What variations of the 92 are there?
A: There are numerous variations of the model 92. The 92FS incorporates a feature that prevents the slide from coming off of the frame in the case of breakage. The FS also has a slide-mounted decocking/safety lever. The 92G has a slide-mounted decocking lever that is spring loaded and returns to its original position. There is no manual safety on the G model. The DS model is a double-action only model with a slide-mounted manual safety. The D model is a double-action only model with no manual safety. The 90-Two has all of the features of the 92FS plus an accessory rail on the frame and wraparound grips. Other models include the Brigadier (heavier slide), Centurion (shorter slide and barrel), competition models and the Inox (stainless steel).

4) When was the 92 accepted into military service?
A: The Beretta 92, officially designated the M9, entered into service with the U.S. military in 1990. Versions of the 92 are also used by the French and Italian militaries.

5) How can I mount a laser to my 92FS? It doesn’t have a frame rail.
A: Crimson Trace manufactures an excellent laser grip for the 92. The laser is built into the right grip panel and is actuated by a pressure switch on the front of the grip. There is also a universal laser that attaches to the front of the trigger guard.

6) Will the latest Beretta factory magazines work in my older 92S?
A: Yes. The latest Beretta 92 magazines have both notches for the current side-release button and the older bottom-release button.

7) What types of replacement sights are available for my 92FS?
A: Several companies manufacture aftermarket sights for the 92. Options available include tritium night sights, adjustable target sights and various styles of dot sights. 92s have front sights that are milled into the slide. This will require gunsmithing to have aftermarket sights installed. The 90-Two, Beretta’s latest version of the 92 series, has a replaceable front sight.

8) Can I shoot any 9mm ammunition in my Beretta?
A: No. The 92 fires the 9mm Luger round which is also known as the 9x19mm, 9mm Parabellum and 9mm NATO.

9) How many rounds does the 92 magazine hold?
A: The standard 92 magazine holds 15 rounds of 9mm ammunition. There are 10-round versions available for states that restrict magazine capacity and a couple of companies produce 30-round magazines also. The 90-Two has a 17-round 9mm capacity.

10) I heard that the military had some problems with slides breaking on the M9 pistols. Is this true and has it been corrected if it is?
A: The U.S. military did experience a limited number of slide failures in some of the earlier M9 pistols. These failures usually occurred after 5,000 plus rounds of M882 ammunition were fired through the guns. NATO-spec ammunition is loaded to higher pressure than commercial SAAMI-spec (commercial) ammunition and the M882 was found to have pressures in excess of the NATO standard. These failures prompted Beretta to incorporate a safety feature into the gun that prevents the slide from coming off of the gun in the unlikely event of a failure. The U.S. Army also changed the M882 ammunition and further failures of this type were not experienced.

11) The Beretta 92 has an open top slide. Why is this?
A: Beretta claims the open slide increases reliability since there is nothing in the way of the spent case while it is ejecting. It also allows for easy clearing of a jam and single rounds can be quickly loaded by hand if necessary.

12) Can I use Taurus PT92 magazines in my Beretta 92 and vise versa?
A: The Beretta and Taurus magazines are not interchangeable, as they come from the factory. The Beretta magazines can be modified to work in the PT92, but the Taurus magazines can’t be modified to work in the Beretta 92.

13) Are parts interchangeable between the Beretta 92 and the Taurus PT92?
A: Some parts may be interchangeable between the Taurus PT92 and the original Beretta 92 since the Taurus is a copy of this pistol. Your best bet is to use Beretta parts on your Beretta and Taurus parts on your Taurus. Parts for both pistols are generally readily available.

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