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Published : 12/15/2016 22:14:33
Categories : Firearms


1) Where was the SKS invented?
A: The SKS rifle was invented in the former Soviet Union.

2) Who designed the SKS?
A: Russian firearms designer Sergei Simonov designed the SKS.

3) What year was the SKS accepted into service?
A: The SKS first entered service in the Soviet Army in 1945. It was phased out of frontline service in 1947 when it was replaced by the AK-47.

4) How many calibers can be found in SKS rifles?
A: The SKS has been produced in only one caliber, 7.62×39.

5) What is the magazine capacity of the SKS and can I get a larger capacity magazine?
A: The original magazine was a fixed, 10-round magazine that was loaded from the top with single rounds or stripper clips. The magazine floorplate was hinged to facilitate easy removal of the rounds. There are aftermarket magazines that hold 20 and 30 rounds. Some of these are fixed while others are removable. The quality and function of these mags vary greatly, so it is suggested to do some research before making a purchase. There was also a Chinese model SKS that was modified to accept AK-47 magazines.

6) My SKS fires 7.62 ammunition. Is this the same as .308?
A: The 308 Winchester cartridge is a 7.62mm round, but it is not the same as a 7.62×39. The .308 is a longer and more powerful round and its NATO designation is

7) I want to replace the original stock on my SKS. What is available?
A: There are several companies producing replacement stocks for the SKS. Options include fixed stocks, side folders, telescoping buttstocks, a Dragunov style and even a bullpup conversion.

8) My Yugo SKS has an extension on the end of the barrel. What is this for?
A: The Yugo M59/66 is equipped with a grenade launcher on the end of the barrel. There is also a special grenade sight attached to the gas block.

9) Will all replacement stocks work on all SKS models?
A: Not all. The Albanian SKS has a longer stock and handguard that extends to the gas block. The Chinese SKS D model was modified to accept AK-47 detachable mags so the magazine cutout is different. Most of the other models, including the Yugo, will be compatible with replacement stocks.

10) Is the SKS defined as an assault rifle?
A: It really depends on where you live, but as a general rule, it is not defined as an assault rifle. The SKS lacks some of the features most commonly associated with the term “assault rifle”, such as a protruding pistol grip and detachable magazine.

11) How does the 922R compliance law pertain to the SKS?
A: If an owner of a SKS is going to convert his rifle into a “non-sporting” rifle (pistol grip, folding stock, etc.), he must use a certain number of U.S. made parts so the rifle will remain compliant with U.S. Code Title 18, 922.

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